Post Event Reporting
Get valuable insights with our post event reports. These reports will show you who visited your booth and how engaged they were. We'll also provide a final comprehensive report after your post event marketing campaign is complete.

See below for a few reporting examples: ​​​​​​​
Lead Scoring
See at a glance how engaged your prospects are and who to follow-up with first!
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Lead Information
Gather and store valuable information about each new lead.
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Comprehensive Report
After we've completed all of your tradeshow marketing campaigns we'll pull together a comprehensive report which you can easily upload into your own CRM system or database.

This report will show you: 
  • Which leads are most engaged and should be followed up with first
  • How effective each of your marketing campaigns were (pre-show, during and post-show)
  • Which pieces of content captured their attention (which is great for future promotions)
  • What your return on investment was for each tradeshow and which shows to do next year
  • How many leads were converted into customers
  • And much, much more!